Change: Create Belief

Implementing change is the most challenging aspect of leading a business in the Internet age.  Rapid evolution in technology drives every entity to move quickly and take risks that the next change will be timed correctly.  Leaders in the 21st century know that one misstep can lead to disaster for entire industries.

Consider the importance of your role as you:

  • Address fears – Change will cause unexpected reactions in your organization.  Jobs are scarce and people do not want to be unemployed.  Your ability to communicate the value of each person will improve your employee retention rate.
  • Define changes – The importance of open communication cannot be overstated when you are moving from one set of procedures and processes to a new way of operating.  Specific answers to questions must be developed to reduce ambiguous direction.
  • Hiring to your new reality – Everyone who joins the organization must have skills that augment the effort to operate under the new business model.  Skills acquired through hiring provide training to existing employees.
  • Balancing the triangle – People – Customer – Business – Change processes cannot impede the balance of the business triangle.  Good decisions will maintain this balance through careful evaluation of every choice.

Employee involvement makes change easier to implement in any organization.  People want to feel as though their opinions matter in the workplace.  Great ideas come from the most unlikely sources when everyone is allowed to offer suggestions.

What is your experience with change in the workplace?

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— Mialei