Change: From Current Reality to Your Vision

The last time you wanted to implement change in your business, was your team ready to accept the challenge?

Business evolution requires guidance from the current business condition into a new approach, product line or service offering.  Your challenge as the business leader is to communicate where you want to go and how to get there.

In my first company, a new business vision required a well-planned approach to communicate to more than 100,000 employees in many different countries around the globe.  Every possible medium was used to convey the new direction and what it meant to each level of the organization.  Most importantly, our managers made certain that we knew our jobs were secure.

Your vision might include new equipment, automation or additional employees to complete the work.  The existing organization requires definition of the steps they must take to move from today through the changes and into tomorrow.  Many leaders cannot see the steps required to make these transitions.

Assistance from experts might be required to ensure that your daily operation remains healthy while you make measurable changes in your future.  Appropriate planning efforts will be required to ensure that the changes implemented align with your destination.  Too much planning will tax the company’s resources and stall your change efforts.

Moving forward without plans is rarely possible since your resources are limited and time is passing quickly.  Your planning efforts must begin with large milestones that must be reached to transform your business from today into tomorrow.  Identify every large evolution that you can see in your transformation.

Other people on the team can translate those large milestones into short-term goals that must be reached to guide the business through these changes.  Employees can participate by defining the changes that must take in their daily job duties to embrace the changes outlined.

Each level of the organization plays an important role in bringing the changes about through active engagement.  “Buy in” to the vision is required if your business is going to navigate the turbulent waters of change.  Communicate your expectations and assure everyone involved that you need every member of your team.

How have you managed change in these turbulent times?

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— Mialei