Change: Procedures Guide Work Processes

Business operations function properly when every member of the team knows how to perform the assigned work tasks.  Procedures in written form reduce the amount of information that is lost when individual performers change jobs or leave the company.  Few companies have complete sets of written procedures because people believe that is an old-fashioned idea.  The thought that business moves too fast to document procedures is an excuse.

Prior to embracing any level of change, your current operation must be documented through a complete set of written procedures.  This effort sounds cumbersome until each person is given responsibility for documenting his, or her, individual role.

Daily assignments can be changed to the new reality after the procedures have been developed.  Without this critical step, the employees will wander around like a marching band without a cadence.  Change will rest on the development of new procedures that maintain consistent results in the daily operation without interruption.

Efforts to embrace new products and services will be inhibited if the procedures are not definable before the plans to change are implemented.  Every member of the team will identify the ways in which work duties are performed today and the necessary changes for the future.

How well are your company procedures documented?

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— Mialei