Change: Transformation

Business history is packed with remarkable stories of companies surviving complete transformation.  In contrast, industry leaders have disappeared as a result of refusing to implement change.  Your business, regardless of size, will require remarkable guidance to emerge from the change process as a strong and healthy entity.

  • Enlist an expert – Contact companies that have emerged from transformational change and ask for references for consultants and experts.  Never trust the consulting firm’s marketing materials about their success stories.  Ask their customers.
  • Create a framework – The company organizational chart must shift prior to entering the transformation process.  New roles must evolve quickly to support the operation in both forms.
  • Build a plan – Long-term plans will be required to set the course for the entire organization to follow.  Every stage must be documented clearly to avoid obstacles that emerge without planning.
  • Execute the plan – Every aspect of the written plan must be completed to ensure that the results are achieved.  Reaching the new reality is not possible if the plan is not executed.
  • Monitor results – All good business plans have milestones clearly indicated on a calendar that is designed to guide the transformational process.  Adjustments must be made in response to the results.

Contingency plans are an important part of every plan for long-term change.  Your ability to recover from the unknown obstacles that you will encounter along the way.  Anticipate problems that arise to prevent surprises when troubles surface.

How will you manage change in the coming months?

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— Mialei