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My name is Mialei, and my passion is business.  All kinds of business have fascinated me ever since I placed my hands on a computer keyboard for the very first time.  I feel fortunate to have watched the computer industry grow from a fledgling idea into the foundation for the Information Age.  I never dreamed that the laptop in front of me would have more processing power than NASA used to place a man on the moon!

Great companies have provided products and services through some of the most intelligent and talented people the world has ever known.  Reading biographies of business leaders has taught me more than my bachelor’s degree and high-tech career combined.  Great leaders are teachers at heart.

I hope to offer superior business PLR articles while providing some ideas that will improve your workplace.  Maybe you struggle to encourage your employees and peers to work hard for excellence.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone has fun excelling at work anymore.

As time passes, I will write blog posts that will start a conversation for all of us.  Leave comments and offer your ideas to make this a better experience.

Thank you for stopping by.

— Mialei

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